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My good ol’ friends…please read!

April 28, 2011

Hi everyone (mainly I’m talking to those of you that are still subscribed to this blog)!!

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Thank you again for following my blog and my journey. Honey Bee Invites has a lot of exciting stuff going on right now, and it means so very much to me to have all of your support. ❤

Speaking of exciting stuff, right now there is HUGE news posted on The Secret Life of Invites !!! So what are you doing over here still?! Hurry up you won’t want to miss this…

WE’RE MOVING (the blog)…..

March 24, 2011

My blog has been upgraded nothing dramatic, just a much needed facelift.   I must say though, I love the clean lines and the simplicity of the new blog.  I also love that it is officially sponsored by HBI (Honey Bee Invites)! Please visit my new blog here:


a day of silence…

March 17, 2011

Tomorrow, March 18th, Honey Bee Invites will honor a day of silence for the victims in Japan. My heart aches to think of the pain and sadness the people of Japan are dealing with right now. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the victims and their families, and tomorrow we will join fellow bloggers, also honoring this day of silence, to pray for those people.

Our wonderful blogger friends, Lydia with Ever Ours and all the wonderful women at Utterly Engaged, have pulled together and organized this amazing effort.

If you are able, please donate to this cause.  We are donating to an organization called Shelter Boxes. These shelters will provide a basic necessity to those people that have been displaced by this tragic event. The shelters are needed in Japan right now, and every donation, big or small, helps.

Please CLICK HERE to donate.


Sending all our love to Japan,

xo Allie



The most hilarious (and cute) first date story EVER…

March 2, 2011

NICOLE & DAN (see adorable photo here) were the lucky winners for the HBI wedding sign giveaway.  They shared a charming and absolutely laughable story with us about their first date.  It is a MUST read!  So get a cup of coffee and continue reading (you do not want to miss this one)…


By Nicole

Our first date was a disaster… like, an absolute disaster.
Dan had just graduated from college, and was living with his parents about 40 minutes away from where I lived with my parents (I had just finished my sophomore year and was home for the summer). Being the gentleman he is, Dan insisted on coming to pick me up for our date… I was already nervous (he was the big man on campus, I was shocked he even knew who I was!), the last thing I needed was him picking me up at my parents’ house (oh the embarrassment that could have ensued). But, he wouldn’t take no for an answer (I tried to convince him to let me meet him at the mall), so I gave in.

It just so happened to be POURING rain, not just pouring, but cats and dogs, sheets, torrential downpour, borderline monsoon. In my lots and lots of years of living in that area, I’ve never seen anything like it. Dan’s car was… scratch that, Dan’s car had a lot of “character” – and by that, I mean that the driver side door didn’t work, so he had to climb in the passenger side (it was a two door Firebird convertible, 1991), the top didn’t work unless you replaced the fuse every time you wanted to put it down/up, etc. Anyway, again, being the gentleman he is, Dan insisted on getting out and opening the door for me… in the pouring rain. (Thank you to the rain, by the way, for not allowing him to come inside or my parents to come out… crisis averted!)

Dan opened the door, hopped back in (over the center console into his drivers’ seat), I hopped in, happily out of the rain. We were going to the mall (which was about 5 miles away) to see a movie, since we were in my neck of the woods, he asked me the best way to get there. Considering the fact that the sky was falling, I figured it’d be wisest to stay off the highway and take back roads (people drive all crazy in weather like that, I’d rather not be surrounded by idiots going 65 mph in a torrential downpour – sounds like a good idea, right? Not so much…), so back roads it was.

We’re driving about 25 mph down the road and see flares in the distance, he slows down, next thing we know we’ve pretty much driven into a rushing river. WTH!? We were driving down the street I grew up on, it has NEVER flooded like that, ever, in my 20-some-odd years of living there. (the flares, by the way, were on the OTHER SIDE of the massive flooding raging river, that helped… thanks to whoever put them there) Well, the water was rushing like I can’t even explain… it was higher than mid-window and the car stalled. Are you kidding me!? First date from hell, right?! Get’s worse.

So, my door is the only door that opens (how convenient) and so Dan decided we had to get the car out of the street… Dan climbed over me and kicked off his shoes, took off his khaki cargo shorts (scandalous) and hopped out my window (water was too high to open the door). In almost chest-high water, he yelled at me to get behind the wheel (oh, lord I was freaking out) and steer. The man pushed that damn car about 150 feet UP HILL into a driveway… through rushing water.

We called my parents (gulp, so much for crisis averted) and asked my mom (who drove an SUV) to come get us. Dan put his clothes back on and spoke to the homeowners (he was in their driveway) and they said that as long as the car was out by 6am, he could leave it there. Up drove mom, who picked us up and harassed and teased us the whole way (by this time the raging river was gone and we looked and sounded like we were out of our minds nuts) back to the house, where we picked up my car and drove (on the highway) to the mall to see a movie.

We get to the mall and they have power, walk in, and the only part of the mall that lost power was the movie theater. Really!? At this point it was about 15 til 10pm and we had yet to really go on our “date” – so we decided to have a quick dinner, but all the restaurants were only open until 10pm. We promised the nice folks at Coastal Flats that we’d be quick and they agreed to seat and serve us. Phew. Well, Dan kept drinking tea and going to the bathroom the entire time (he later told me he was drinking tea to throw me off in hopes I’d think he had to pee, turns out he felt crazy sick and was well… you know), we were rushed, and worrying about the car.

Dan pays and we leave. We head back to the car, it won’t start. So we let it sit there to hopefully dry out and we go to a 24-hour diner for some coffee… tell me how a 24-hr diner is OUT OF COFFEE!? For some reason, we had to wait 20 minutes for the coffee… whatever. Dan’s phone rings, it’s the police. Wondering why his car is in someone’s driveway and they’re calling to complain about it. Really!? Again, nice first date. Dan explains our unique situation to the officer, who chuckled and just told him to be sure it was gone by 6am. Ok, it’ll be gone, give us our coffee. Coffee break over, go back to the car, damn thing still won’t start (it’s been sitting for 3-4 hours).

We go back to my parents house and sit on the couch in the basement to watch TV for an hour or so… go back to the car, STILL won’t start. At this point, it’s probably about midnight or 1am and both the crazies that own the driveway and Dan have to work the next day, so we start trying to find a 24 hour tow company. We finally find one, and they let us know they’ll meet us at the car within 45 minutes and will call when they’re getting close.

THREE hours go by and I wake up (after having fallen asleep on Dan’s chest) to the phone ringing, the truck is about to be there… we took my car and met the driver (at this point it’s past 4am). The driver decided to bring his girlfriend along, so he could tow the car, but not take Dan with him. Nice. So, I offered to take Dan in my car, following the tow truck, all the way back to his parents’ house… 40ish minutes away… at 4-something in the morning. Nope, that’s not all, either.

It was a flat rate for the tow and then $3-4 per mile. I set my odometer (right, odometer?) and we head out… we get to his exit off the highway and it’s CLOSED for overnight maintenance! Really!? Again! Really!? The detour is an additional 6 miles… no problem; unless you’re paying an idiot tow truck driver per mile. We finally get to his parents, the driver lets Dan’s car down onto the street in front of their house and crunched the bottom of the front bumper. Great. Well, at this point, we’re about $300 into the date (dinner and the tow), it’s 5:30 in the morning and Dan has to be at work by 7.

In our first date: I saw him half naked, he met my parents, I met his parents, we slept together (on the couch, clothed), ate together, had coffee together… Craziest first date I’ve ever had.

He thanked me for being so kind and wonderful and tolerant and asked me out on a second date. I decided to give him a mulligan… and if you would have told me I’d be spending the rest of my life with this man, I would have laughed in your face. But, I guess after such a crazy first date, things can only get better!

After that first date, we kept dating a bit.  I still was totally not interested; but he was awesome and a great friend and I didn’t want to hurt him so I kept going out with him.  I enjoyed spending time with him and all, but the spark just wasn’t there.

One day, he surprised me at work… and when he walked in, my heart skipped a beat and I got the craziest case of butterflies I’ve ever had.  I knew at that very second that I was in trouble.

And, here we are, just about five years later, planning a weddingl… I suppose that after that abominable first date, we had nowhere to go but up, right?!


Congrats again Nicole & Dan!

And the winner is…

February 28, 2011


You really just couldn’t beat this couples love story! HBI thoroughly enjoyed reading it.  We could not stop laughing (it’s seriously funny- and cute)! We will post their fantastically funny love story tomorrow! HBI is honored to create this sign for such a lovely couple.

HBI would also love to give a shout-out to our runner up (it was oh-so-close), Amy & Alex! We loved the story you sent in, Amy! And although we didn’t plan on doing this, we would love to offer you 50% off a wedding sign, if you choose to accept. Please email if you’re interested.


It’s almost Valentine’s Day…

February 2, 2011

which means it’s almost my birthday! February 18th!

But enough about me… let’s talk about you and your love! When was the first time you saw him? How did you meet? What did you wear? What did he wear? When was your first kiss? And if he has already, how did he pop the question?

I love love stories! Love them. And I want you to share yours! I’m giving away a free wedding sign for one lucky bride!  All you have to do is tell me your love story and send in a photo of you and your loved one- send to allie {at} honeybeeinvites {dot} com. And follow me on Twitter @HoneyBeeInvites ! 🙂

Feel free to pass along this post to all your bride-to-be friends!  I’ll select one lucky winner on February 28th, so you must apply by February 27th at 5pm EST.  The only rule I have is that you must be getting married in 2011, and not within the next 3 months (meaning February, March or April).

I can’t wait to get some entries! I’ll sit down with coffee and my Mac and delight in the stories.

*for an example of a wedding sign, please click on the yellow link above titled “wedding signs”

Happy month of love ya’ll! I designed the v-day card below for my wonderful fiance!


Tying a knot in my rope.

January 31, 2011

The past few weeks have been very stressful, more so than usual.  I usually handle stress very well, but there are times in which emotional stress completely defeats me. The past few weeks have been one of those times. My personal life has burdened some bad/sad news and it has taken quite a toll on me.

I always find it odd that in times like these, I seem to stumble upon quotes that lift me up and remind me that life must go on.  No one ever said life was going to be easy, tear-free, undemanding, or non-tiring. It is all of that, especially during emotional, difficult weeks.  But it is all the good moments that you must think of because those are the moments worth hanging on for….

Here’s to tying a knot in my rope this week, and climbing back up to a better view very, very soon.


2011 Goals- free printable!!

January 4, 2011

I am likely the biggest “goal maker” ever.  And no, I’m not taking about soccer; I’m talking about creating a list of results that I want to achieve. Having set goals drives me to do my best all the time (which is very tiring, but very worth it).  I find that when I write down my goals and hang them up or carry them with me I am even more successful. I guess the constant reminder helps keep me focused.

If you’re a “goal maker” you will love this freebie! If you’re not, I challenge you to print this out, write down your goals for the year, tape one on your mirror, carry one around in your purse, and every time you come across it- read it (each goal)! I think you’ll find that it is beneficial to achieving success and you might just end up becoming the next big “goal maker”!

CLICK HERE to download your free HBI printable 2011 Goal list!

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.
Henry David Thoreau

Here’s to 2011: following your dreams & seeing fireworks!!


2010 comes to an end.

December 31, 2010

As 2010 comes to an end, I reflect on the past year and all that has taken place. It is crazy to think how much has changed in just 365 days. It’s been incredible, thrilling, scary and amazing….is that possible?

At the beginning of 2010 I set some serious goals…

  • Follow my dream wholeheartedly
  • Start a blog about it
  • Quit my stressful, overworking day job

And now, here I am….working on Honey Bee Invites stuff in my studio, blogging about the past year, and free of my stressful, endless-hours day job. Wow. Really? I still pinch myself every now and then.  Partly just to be sure I’m not dreaming and partly to make sure I am here, in the present, living, breathing and enjoying each moment. Life is incredible and this past year has proved it to me yet again.

I won’t pretend that this past year has been easy. It hasn’t. For those of you that don’t know, I started my own business, Honey Bee Invites, in 2009. At the time I wasn’t really sure the direction I wanted the business to go, so in early 2010 I did some branding exercises and made concrete decisions about HBI.  It was certainly no easy feat…there were many sleepless nights, tears shed and days when I just wanted to pull my hair out, but NOW there’s clarity.  I can actually envision the next few years for HBI and when I do I see FIREWORKS! It’s amazing. It puts the biggest smile on my face (I wish you could see me right now).

My mom, who is a bucket full of wisdom, always reminds me that I DID THIS. I think in gereral we all like to be humble and of course grateful for all the help we’ve received, but at the end of the day (or year in this case) we’re the creators. We build our own destiny.  We made this past year happen and if your year was anything like mine, you should be happy, or better yet, ecstatic.

Here’s to 2011…


The most wonderful time of the year!

December 22, 2010

What a lovely holiday season it has been so far and Christmas has not even arrived! There have been cookie exchanges, gift-giving, and holiday parties galore! I love it that everyone loves to throw parties this time of year. Friends & family open up their homes and celebrate the season.

This time of year puts a smile on faces everywhere. I even find myself being more appreciative. In the craziness of the holiday season, I begin to stop and delight in more things in life….my bed seems more cozy, I see beauty in the bare trees, I’m thankful for my home & Christmas tree, my coffee seems to smell better, my gloves are adored, I want to spend all my time with family…. the list goes on.

It’s just funny thinking about the spirit of the season and what it can do to you. I love this quote by Norman Vincent Peal, she says it just perfectly.

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.

So in the spirit of this wonderful, beautiful holiday season, I threw a lovely holiday party to let all my friends & family know how special they are!


holiday party




xo happy holidays to all!

Inspiration board credits:

Creative Project: Christmas table Decorations / Ginger biscuits as Christmas decorations /
“Snowflake” Bookmark with Silver Finish and Elegant Ice-Blue Tassel
/ Wedding Pictures from the Four Seasons in Austin.
minarose’s photos – Project Wedding / Silver, white, and blue Christmas ornaments – Royalty-Free – Corbis