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4 steps to a brighter smile

April 7, 2010

Today is a new day. And tomorrow is already better than today. Tomorrow already makes my smile slightly brighter than today’s….why? Because in a few weeks, I start my new job for a a local non-profit. I. have. a. new. job.  Once seemingly lost in the real world, I now have a rewarding job. A job I feel passionate about. A job that makes me smile. A job in which I am truly proud of the work we do.

Leaving my job wasn’t easy, but I know it was the best decision for me and my new business. My passion for letters, calligraphy, and invitations will not die or even dwindle. In fact, my passions will grow stronger with my new job, as it will be a constant reminder that I can do anything.  A reminder that if I believe in myself and take action, anything is possible. I, only I, control my future.

Some people may ask “how I found a new job in this economy?” “how I could leave to follow my dreams with an unknown destiny?”
Today a good friend gave me a card that couldn’t have said it any better:

Step 1. set a goal

Step 2. work hard

Step 3. achieve success

Step 4. celebrate

It truly is that simple- 4 steps. Not all easy, as achieving a goal never is. But you’ll definitely never get there unless you try.

So get a sheet of paper and a pen, and write down your goal. Then work hard to achieve it. And remember whatever you do- stay true to yourself and your passion.

Show me how you follow your deepest desires, spiralling down into the ache within the ache. And I will show you how I reach inward and open outward to feel the kiss of the Mystery, sweet lips on my own, everyday.
….remember that each of us always has a choice.
The Dance, Oriah

One of my new favorite blogs ( leaves you with great advice-


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  1. kimberly permalink
    April 7, 2010 1:04 pm

    love love love this post, Allie! I am SO incredibly proud of you…and inspired. I’m writing down my goals now 🙂

  2. Hope permalink
    April 8, 2010 12:48 am

    I am so proud of you! YOU DID IT!!!!! YOU can do anything!!! Your passion shows in everything you do…even searching for a new and different job.
    You give me so much strength to keep going, to keep trying, to keep breathing…
    You are an inspiration to so many people.
    Keep smiling. Your smile really does get brighter each day!!

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