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The holidays are here & I’m wearing red!

December 10, 2010

I love the holidays! And I mean LOVE the holidays!

If it has anything to do with the holidays, I’m all about it. The red & green drizzle on my latte- love it! The holiday radio station that plays non-stop jingles- love it! The families that put wreaths on the front of their cars- love it! The Christmas lights that brighten up the entire street- love it! I normally hate the color red, but when the holidays roll around….I love red. I have red scarves, coats, and shirts to match my big, bright, red holiday spirit!

Many people say it’s quite ridiculous, but I think it’s fun! It is great to have something to get so excited about every single year! And my love for the holidays has proven to be great inspiration for HBI’s holiday creations (cards, party invitations, etc.)!

Here are a few photos that have helped to inspire some of HBI’s holiday work:

Green & brown make me think of wintertime, the smell of pine, and Christmas trees.

Pinecones are like a wonderful little Christmas present from nature.

Decorating the tree is the best way to get in the holiday spirit.

A few of HBI’s holiday creations:









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